At Integrated Counseling and Mediation Services, we use a holistic approach combined with evidence based treatment modalities to meet the needs of the community that we serve. Your success is our goal.

Family Psychotherapy

Exploration of stress reduction and conflict resolution strategies in a safe and loving environment where each family member can thrive and learn the foundation of healthy relationships and interactions.

Couples Therapy

Therapy tailored to meet the couples’ needs to facilitate strengthening of bonds. Multiple evidenced-based treatment modalities used including Gottman method level I. 

Individual Therapy

A personal journey of self discovery, healing, growth and understanding of thoughts and behavioral patterns to maximize functioning and well-being.


Guided meditation and focuses attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness otherwise known as trance. Hypnosis is an adjunct to psychotherapy as it allows people to explore painful experiences hidden from their conscious mind. Hypnosis is also used to address the following: PTSD, sleep disorders, smoking cessation, depression, anxiety, over-eating.


Therapy tailored to create a safe environment for people with common experiences to come together and learn skills to improve their understanding on common themes. In gaining these skills, participants will ultimately enhance their quality of life.

Insurances Accepted

Some EAP plans as well as sliding scales are available for those who do not have insurance.
Please call the office today to discuss payment options.

Integrated Counseling & Mediation Services



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We are currently offering Telehealth and in-person sessions.
At Integrated Counseling and Mediation Services, we are focused on providing Psychotherapy and mediation services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We do everything we can to exceed your expectations.