By Mirta Martinez, LCSW

Phoenix Rising

Forward by Wanda Gonzalez-Suriel, LCSW

Phoenix Rising is a book birthed during the COVID pandemic and inspired by the rising need to address the trauma and residual effects of this tragedy. However, though created during this era its roots go much deeper. This book dives into the heart and soul of trauma and provides a deeper understanding from a holistic perspective. It provides various options to help someone understand their trauma and to begin their healing journey.


Mirta Martinez, LCSW

This book gave me the opportunity to summarize my expertise and passion of over twenty years and share my own personal experience. My expectation is that it will provide hope on how to get through difficult times and remain whole; prevailing through global grief characterized by global despair.

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“…A great and easy read. I would recommend this book to anyone seeking answers and courage to reinvent themselves and rise again like the phoenix.”